Organic Rye Flour



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Grown and milled locally in Berrigan by Woodstock Flour. 

Rye is a low gluten cereal grain that mills into a soft flour with a large bran flake. It’s great for dark European style breads, chocolate brownies, cakes and biscuits. It has a lovely earthy, tangy flavour with a lavender aroma. This particular rye has been grown for almost 20 years in Berrigan and it has adapted well to the organic conditions with lots of natural variation.

Rye flour is often combined with wheat flours for a lightly textured bread which still retains the distinct rye flavour.

Ingredients: Rye

Allergens: Gluten

Storage & Shelf Life: Best used within 3 months, will last up to 12 months following storage above

Country of Origin: Australia